Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is like a bowl of Locro

I just had an amazing week! Probably the best week that I´ve had in the mission. The activity was a complete success and due to that, we have see many blessings and miracles this week. And I have a beautiful analogy about my week to share with you. I was going to compare my week with a banana split but then I realized something, I am in Argentina. And when in Argentina, do as the Argentinos do. So I´m going to compare my week with Locro. Be excited! And just for a little recap, in case you don´t know what Locro is. Locro is kind of like a stew and kind of like pudding. It has this beautiful yellow-orange color. The texture is somewhat pudding-like but they just like to throw anything they want in there- meat, beans, corn, vegetables, todo. It sounds weird but I actually liked it. Maybe I was such really hungry or something but I enjoyed it. All of the weird stuff they put in it turned into a delicious locro. SO, life is like a bowl of Locro. A bunch of stuff happens and you just have to run with it and enjoy it. And we had a ton of stuff happen this week, so I´m just going to compare the miracles we saw with the ingredients of locro.

Cow Intestine – So the day before the activity, we were inviting anybody and everybody to come and eat locro. Basically, we were standing on the side of the street yelling, ¨Somos Locos por Locro.¨ And we had tons of people stop and come to the actividad. And now we have new people to teach. I felt so ridiculous but I guess you have to do new and different things to see new and different results.

Pig Fat – We have been making desserts a ton. We made the cake of the Book of Mormon, and the sugar cookies of the flag of Argentina, and banana bread, and brownies, and shared with everyone. And everyone loved it. The funniest thing was when they ate the Book of Mormon. We put a ton of food coloring so it would have the dark blue color. And when everybody started eating it, their mouths were completely blue. Their teeth, their tongues, their lips. Everything completely blue!! It was pretty funny and delicious!

Onion – We had almost 100 in the actividad. Members, menos actives, inactivos, investigadores, Everybody!! My companion and I were running around the entire activity talking to everybody. It was a ton of fun! And we taught 15 lessons!

Chorizo – We had 27 Investigators that came to the actividad 25 of May.

Cow Stomach – We saw a miracle in the church. Half of our new investigators came to Church. And we had four different families!!

Corn – We have a new investigator named Sergio. He is the husband of one of the members but has never been interested in learning about the church for years and years. But he went to the activity and afterwards he came to us and asked us for the lessons. Usually, we have to ask to teach but HE ASKED US. And he went to Church!!

Beans - An entire family came to the actividad and then to church Sunday. Juan Jose and Claudia and their three kids. They have friends that are members and they are interested to know more. They really are amazing and are some of my favorite people.

Salsa – We have been working with an inactive family for the entire time I have been here and even before. We pass by every week and invite them to church but nothing ever happened. But they came to the actividad and then to Church!!! Lucas and Yesica are members that haven´t gone for a long time and Maria is married to Lucas and is not a member. But she wants to go to church and learn more!

Seriously, this week was full of Miracles. I love the mission and sharing the Gospel with everybody! The Gospel truly brings happiness and joy in our lives and I know because I am feeling it. But ya, I love you all! El Reino de Dios o Nada!

Les amo,

Hna. Ellsworth

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