Monday, June 7, 2010


So we had a great week in that we actually found our investigators. YEAH!! I don´t know what the deal is but it´s way hard to find people again. They either lose interest, have to work or move! It´s a bit disheartening. But it´s all good because we found everyone this week and we had a lot of people in Church again. YEAH!!!

So this week we found and taught Gema and she needed some help in her backyard. So we got to pull weeds, and chop down bushes and trees. It was pretty hard core, let me tell you! I defnitely used an ax to chop down a tree. YEAH!!!

We also found and taught Sergio who is the investigador that is married to a member. After years and years, he´s now read to be baptized. YEAH!!! He just has to quit smoking first. That´s going to be a little bit of a trial but we´re working on it. He used to smoking about 40 a day but now he´s down to 10. YEAH!!! That last 10 is hard for him to quit but we´ve got a bunch of different ideas to try out. If you have any ideas as well, digame.
We´re also working with a beautiful family of 5 – Jose, Claudia, Benjamin, Victoria, y Ana. They are Amazing! Claudia loves how she feels in the church, when she reads the Book of Mormon, when she prays, and everything. YEAH!!! Now we just have to work with her husband so he feels the same way.

And we found and tuaght Maria this week. She loves church and everything and her boyfriend is a member. And she wants to be baptized! YEAH!!! So we put a date and everything, she just needs to get married first with her boyfriend. But ya, we´re excited for a baptismo in Julio. YEAH!!!

So yep, miracles are happening in Villa Independencia. We just keep chugging along and we love seeing the miracles that happen everyday! Just know that I love you all and don´t suffer too much in the heat without me. J

Les kiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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