Monday, May 3, 2010

La vide es como una gran escuela

All is well in Villa Independencia Argentina. We just working a ton and trying to invite everyone to come unto Christ. We have our difficulties but I´m just loving my time here in the misión. I´m learning new things everyday and I just have to say that I love to learn. There´s always more to learn because nobody is perfect. I love that! So let me just share a couple of things that I learned this week…

I´ve learned that I can pretty much eat anything, all it takes is mind over matter. So now that winter is coming up, we´re starting to eat hotter foods and one of their winter specialties is called Locro. I had my first experience with Locro this last weekend and let´s just say, it was very interesting. Locro is kind of like a soup and kind of like pudding. The color is bright yellow-orange and they just throw anything they want in there. This one had something called mondongo aka cow intestines. It´s white and chewy and pretty much disgusting. And you know what, I ate three huge plates of it. Ya, that´s right! I was pretty much proud of myself. Of course, I washed everything down with a nice fresco coca. (i realize that some of you might think that we´re not allowed to drink coca cola but we can. Apparently the coca kills parasites. Yep, you gotta´ love it!) But ya, i survived my first Locro experience. And we´re planning a ward activity with Locro that´s coming up soon. Just something that I can look forward to!

I´ve also learned that appearances aren´t everything but apparently I need to make more of an effort. I hate to say it, but I think that I have officially become a frump. It has always been a fear of mine being a sister missionary but the day has finally come. It´s starting to get cold and I have my nice, big, black winter coat that I wear everyday. So we had a couple of investigators and members that tried to help us out. Yep, last Saturday we had one of the members try to teach us about make up. We were trying to share a message from the scriptures and she wanted to talk to us about eye shadow. And then after we finished she gave us bright, bright purple and gold eye shadow. I´m way excited to try that out! And then we went to another cita and we had an investigador and after we taught her she gave us necklaces: Big huge necklaces made of seeds. She told us we had to take one and wear it. So ya, I can take a hint. I need to try a little harder with looking nicer. I´m glad that everyone is looking out for us. J

My favorite experience from this last week happened in Church. I was just about to lead the song in Sacrament Meeting (p.s. not a big fan of leading) and we had our investigador come in. I was so excited! I pretty much waved in the middle of the song. A little embarrassing, but whatever. And the greatest thing was that it was testimony meeting and our investigador went up and bore her testimony. It was so powerful and I felt the Spirit so strong. She is amazing! She´s so excited to get baptized! Her testimony and faith is so strong and I´m grateful to learn from her example. I love learning from everybody´s example, especially the example of Jesús Christ. I´m grateful to be a part of this work and to learn new things everyday. ¡El Reino de Dios o NADA!

Les amo,
Hna. Ellsworth

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