Monday, May 10, 2010

Navidad en Mayo

So I´ve heard of Christmas in December and Christmas in July, but I think I just had Christmas in May. It definitely felt cold enough to be Christmas and I was so excited for all of the different ¨presents.¨ So check it! My Christmas in May…

Torta de Reeses & Hot Chocolate – We started off Christmas Eve aka the night of May 8th with a Reeses cake and hot chocolate. It was one of the most delicious cakes I´ve had in the misión. It´s hard to find peanut butter and good chocolate here, but thanks to Hna. Nobles and her family, we enjoyed a delicious cake. For real, it was like a giant Reeses. That one cake was enough of a Christmas for me but it only gets better.

Traslados - We had to wait up to get transfers that night and it felt like waiting for Santa Claus to come. But it finally came at about 11 and it was the best news ever… I get to stay in Villa Independence with Hna. Nobles!!! Woohoo! I don´t have to be accustomed to a new area and a new companion. We can just keep doing what we´re doing, just better!! I´m way stoked!

Conferencia de Estaca – And then the next day we went to the Stake Conference and I got to see all the members from my old area. I love them so much! It was one of the best ¨presents¨ ever. I also saw two of my old companions which is always exciting. After being the only hermanas in a zone of about 20 19-year-old elders, you start to miss the other hermanas. It was the best! And Pres. and Hna. Olsen spoke because it´s their last Stake Conference before they leave to go home. The Spirit was so strong. And all of the missionaries there sang to them ¨God Be With You ´Til We Meet Again¨ (in spanish of course). I was a little embarassed to sing in front of all those people, but it was a tender momento. I may or may not have cried…

Llamados – And then after we got back from Stake Conference, we got to call our families!!!! It was fun, I loved it, the end.

Reunión de Planeamiento – And then after we had time to have one of the best planning meetings of my life. I´m not so much of a person to plan or make goals, but I think the misión has finally converted me. I love making goals! Without goals, I am nothing. If I don´t make a goal and write it down, I will not get anything done. And so i absolutely loved planning for an incredible transfer that we are going to have. We can´t wait to achieve our goals, and be exactly obediente, and have fun! This is going to be an Amazing six weeks! Be excited because I know am!


Hna. Ellsworth

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