Monday, May 24, 2010

This week is going to be the greatest week ever! I am so stinkin´ stoked! So my companion and I have been planning this activity for the last month and it´s finally going to happen… tomorrow! We have been inviting everybody in Villa Independencia. Also we have been working crazy with decorations, and food, and presentations, and games. It is going to be the coolest activity that the branch in Villa Indpendencia has ever seen.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Argentina, (I don´t really understand what holiday it is. 9 de Julio is the independence day and 25 de mayo is like the pre-independence day. ¿Que sé yo?) so we´re going to eat locro and drink mate and have a good time. We´re going to start with a Church Open House and all of the different organizations are going to have a different game or presentation. And then my companion and I have a presentation as well. Then afterwards, we are going to eat locro and drink mate. And then there is going to be a ton of different games and deserts and such. I´m so excited!!! We are going to make a cake that looks like the Book of Mormon and we´re going to make sugar cookies that look like the Argentina flag. We have already made a ton of decorations, so our apartment is full of the colors – white, blue, and yellow. But the best part is inviting everybody. We are going to have enough locro for about 150 people. So we´re inviting all the members, all the menos activos, all our investigadores, and everybody else!

We are especially excited for one of our families, the Familia Villarreal. We have been working with them the entire time I have been here. Both of the parents are members but haven´t gone in a long time. And they have three kids that are not members. So we have been working with them a ton. They are probably some of my favorite people in Villa Indpendencia. They are so fun! The oldest daughter is called Rosio and she wants to be baptized but she wants more time. She is reading and praying and it´s just fun to see the excitement she has to learn more. It is hard for them to go to church because they play futbol on Sunday. It is kind of a problem here. But they are really an amazing family and they are excited to go to this activity tomorrow. They can meet all the members and see how the church is. It is going to be amazing! Yep, so I hope that all is well with everyone. Have a fun week!

Les kiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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