Monday, April 5, 2010

Miracles are Everywhere

I´m not quite sure where to start. This last week was one of the best weeks in the misson. I am absolutely in love with Villa Independencia! My companion is great, the investigators are amazing, the members are awesome, and I just love being a part of it. But I think the highlight of this last week was General Conference. We had the opportunity to travel to the Stake Center in Villa Belgrano. But i´m just going to list my highlights…

  1. The travel time was an hour in collectivo. It sounds feo, right? It was a great opportunity for me to get to know the members and investigators better. And the Miracle was that I had a conversation on my own for almost an hour... in Castellano. If that´s not a Miracle, i don´t know what is.
  2. I had peanut butter and banana sándwich from Estados Unidos. It was like heaven in sándwich form. I can´t tell you how much I miss American food. I love Argentina food, but the taste of peanut butter was a Miracle in my mouth.
  3. I saw all the members and some of the investigators from my old area. I didn´t really have a lot of time to say goodbye, but i had my chance at the conference. It was a Miracle because i didn´t think anyone would miss me, but they were so nice and excited to see me. I know it´s not important but it made me feel de diez.
  4. I saw my companion from the Mtc, Hna. Dickey. She´s an angel! She was with me when I was talking toa ll the members of my old area and we were just talking away in our Gringo Spanish. It was a Miracle to see the change of just three months. And we defintely could hold our own. I pray that we can be companions again in the field.
  5. I got to watch it in English. This was just a blessing and a miracle to me. I´m doing a lot better with my Spanish but there is no way I would´ve understood everything and been edified by the words of the prophet.
  6. One of our investigators came to the Conference with a lot of questions and a lot of dudas. But after the conference, he recieved all of his answers and felt the Spirit so strong. He now is ready to be baptized. I love to see the hand of God in all things and see the miracles that happen.
  7. I also came to the Conference with my own questions and asked the Lord if he would have a part of the Conference that was specifically talking to me. I had bastante faith that it would be okay if it did or did not happen. But by the Miracle of God, I recieved my own special witness and felt the Holy Ghost so strong. I was crying so hard and then Pres. Monson read the scripture about crying. And we all know that I´m not a cryer, (but i´m afraid i´ve become a softy on the misión). But I was grateful for Conference and the things that I´ve learned and the things that I can apply in the misión work and in my future familia. And I was exceedingly grateful for the miracles that I´ve seen in the last week and Turing Conference. It strengthened my testimony that when we are obediente, work hard, and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we can see Miracles. I know that this Church is true and that Pres. Monson is a prophet of God. I´m grateful for this knowledge and for the opportunity to share it with everyone. I know that He lives. And i´m especially grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Easter by sharing that message and also hearing the words of a prophet.. Thanks for your prayers and don´t forget to look for the Miracles!

Les amo,

Hna. Ellsworth

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