Monday, April 12, 2010

Bajar la Cana

I have seen my fair share of drama in the last week. Everything that could´ve gone wrong, went wrong. Satan was working hard on us. We couldn´t find people, a lot of our citas fell through, many persons rejected us, and Satan tried to disanimate us. But he couldn´t touch us because we had a Baptism!!! It was such a blessing to see the baptism of a chico that had been taught by five different hermanas. But because he recieved answers for General Conference, like we promised him, he was finally ready to be baptized! The Spirit was so strong and I was so blessed to have been there. But it was definitely interesting to see how hard Satan works to stop work of the Lord. And it´s even more interesting to see how the Lord always wins… always!

Por ejemplo, we had a few appointments before the baptismo so we were running a little late. We had to catch a bus to get to the Church but there was no way we would arrive on time. We didn´t know how we were to make it there on time and then a taxi pulled up right next to us. The timing was Amazing! And what was even cooler is that I never see taxis in the neighborhood we were in. The Lord was definitely looking out for us.

So there´s a term here called dropping the cane. I didn´t really understand cane dropping until this last transfer but basically, it´s when a Latino tells you what you´re doing wrong and that you need to fix it. They have a hand action that goes along with it. Every once in a while I would see one of the members dropping the cane on us but mostly it was always toward my companion because they understand more. But this last week, I recieved my very first cane dropping. I realize this doesn´t sound like an exciting thing, but I was so dang stoked to finally relieve my very own cane dropping. It happened when we were preparing the baptismo. We were a little bit stressed because muchas personas were late and we were trying to set up chairs and a televisión and do everything. And then a member (one that loves to drop the cane) told me, ¨!Tenga paciencia!¨ (Have patience!) and then continued to drop the cane on me with the hand action. I loved it! I look forward to having the cane dropped on me in the future.

I wish I could tell you ALL the cool things I saw this week but never is there enough time. I´m excited for this week because we have Zone Conference and interviews with the Mission President. Today we have some fun plans with some members and I hope to have enough time to take a siesta. But as my dad always says, ¨No rest for the wicked!¨ Carry on!

Les amo,

Hna. Ellsworth

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