Monday, March 29, 2010

!Estoy rey animada!

GUESS WHAT?! I´m starting a new transfer today in a new area with a new companion. And sabe que, I´m way excited! I am now in Villa Independencia with Hna. Nobles. I didn´t even see it coming. I thought I would stay in La Calera with Hna. Widmer for longer. I´m sad to leave La Calera. We had so many Amazing investigators and I loved the members but I´m excited to try something different and learn more. I kind of feel bad because I didn´t really anyone that I was leaving. If you didn´t already know, I´m not too good with goodbyes. I usually try to avoid them. But I think it´s going to be fine. Even after being their for three months, the members still couldn´t say my name. I was either la misionera, la misionera alta, o la misionera flaca. You gotta love it!

But ya, Villa Independencia is beautiful! It´s connected to the most tourist attraction point in Cordoba. So there are a lot of interesting people and todo. I have a feeling that I´m going to have a lot of fun with Hna. Nobles. She´s from Colorado and has about 15 months in the misión. En verdad, I was hoping for a latina companion to help me with my Castellano, but we´ve decided that we´re not going to use any english. I´m so excited for that because both of my other companions missed talking english but now I can really learn and practice my Castellano. I´m way stoked!

Other exciting news is that I´ve killed my first pair of shoes on the misión. La Calera completely wore out a pair of shoes that I got from the MTC. They had about a two inch heel all across the bottom and the rocks and hills of La Calera completely wore through the heel until I had a two inch hole in the bottom of my shoes. I´m pretty proud of it. The only bad thing is that now I have to break in a new pair of shoes. I tried wearing my Danskos for about three hours and I got some pretty Nasty blisters. So we´re just going to have to pray about that one…

But ya, I can´t really think of anything else to tell you. Pretty much, I´m just really excited to be in a new area and a new companion and I´m even more excited for General Conference next week! Just to have a central focus this week, on the importance of listening the words of a prophet, gives me just excitement. This is an oppotunity that only comes around twice a year and I´m so excited to share it with everyone. It´s going to be a great week, I can just feel it! It's also going to be a busy week, but as my dad always say, ¨No rest for the wicked!¨ J So just so all you know, estoy rey animada and i love you and miss you! ¡El Reino de Dios o Nada!

Les quiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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