Monday, August 2, 2010


We received transfers this week and...drumroll please...I'm going to train!!! Yep, I'm kind of freaking out right now. But do you want to hear the best part. It´s pretty much 99% sure that I´m going to train Hna. Mortensen!!!! I am so stinkin´ stoked! But I'm also a bit scared. I´m kind of in shock and denial. I don´t know how i´m going to go from junior companion to trainer. I feel like I just arrived in Argentina yesterday! It´s going to be really weird to train in the same place that I was trained. When i told all of the members, they reminded me of when I arrived and how i didn´t understand or talk para nada. But they reassured me that now I can talk ¨bastante bien.¨ This transfer is going to be very interesting. I´m just excited to be companions with Hna. Mortensen!!!

This week was a ton of fun. It should have been the last week of the misión for Hna .Widmer. I say it should have been because she might have another week. Hna. Mortensen has a few problems with her visa, so i need a companion for a week and she wants to stay longer. We´re not sure if she´s going to stay, but vamos a ver. But we spent the whole week saying goodbye to everyone and inviting everyone to come unto Christ. She had the goal to invite everyone to be baptized and we had 10 of our investigators that said Yes! We´re excited to baptize in August! And we also had two asados this week and a going away party for her. And she showed up to church in her tie skirt. (She asked for a tie from each Elder that she knew in the misión and made a skirt.) It looked way cool. But ya, It´ll be weird if she has another week and just shows up after she said goodbye to everyone. It should be interesting…

Alright, sorry but my mind is in about 20 different places right now. I can´t really focus, so until next week… I love you all and you´re all in my prayers! The Church is true and is the place where you can find the peace and happiness that we need in our lives.

Les kiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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