Monday, August 30, 2010

The Miracle of the Mission

So another week has come and gone and I’m still searching for the miracles. And let me tell you, there are always miraculous things happening in La Calera, especially being with Hna. Mortensen. It is such a huge blessing to be talking to everybody and inviting them to come close unto Christ. But here are just a few different miracles that happened during the week.

The Miracle of Forgiveness – In the misión I am trying to learn how to love everyone, even when they might not necessarily love me. It’s an attribute that Christ had, but I don’t know how he was able to do it. How could he forgive the people that betrayed him? How could he love the people that crucified him? I sometimes get mad when people ignore me or lie to myself. I’m not going to lie; it’s kind of a struggle for me to love a todo. But this week I saw a Miracle that happened with one of the menos activos in the branch. They had been ignoring us and lying to us, so we stopped passing by. But I had the feeling to pass by and just play a game with them (that applied to the gospel). It was Amazing. We passed by the perfect day because the hermano had found a job that day. He was grateful for the blessing that he had received work and the whole family shared their testimonies with us. The Spirit was really strong and they promised to return to Christ. It’s amazing how forgiveness, and love, and the Spirit, and a game of Jenga can do miracles!

The Miracle of Obedience – So we got invited to a birthday party by the Flia. Rodriguez, members in the branch. I think we got invited just because they wanted me to make one of my special chocolate cakes, but I was still grateful to go. We planned to come for the last hour of the day because latino parties usually go for a while, and we always have a full schedule. So we arrived to drop off the cake and sing ¨happy birthday¨ and find out that they were cooking up an asado, which is possibly my favorite thing in this world. It seriously is delicious!!! But they told us to stay until 9:00 to eat with them aka the time that we should be in our apartment for the night. It was probably the biggest temptation that I have seen in my misión to be disobedient. I was trying to justify in my mind that we could eat the asado really quick and still be in our apartment before anyone knew. Just another proof that justification is a tool of Satan. But we knew the rules and knew what we had to do, so we told them thanks anyway and dropped off the cake and left to our apartment and arrived on time. While I was eating a banana, imagining that it was a delicious steak, our doorbell rang. Pres. Villagra (president of the branch) and Hno. Rodriguez (the president of the Elder´s quórum) dropped by the most delicious dinner I’ve had in my whole misión. Hno. Rodriguez left his own birthday party to give us a part of his asado. I was very grateful to see this delicious miracle of obedience.

The Miracle of Faith – So we were having a pretty hard morning full of rejections and excuses. We couldn’t find anybody. And then we just kind of stopped and said a prayer and listened to the Holy Ghost. We felt that we needed to knock this particular door, and then we started to talk to a man that had lived in the United States. So Hna. Mortensen could speak English, and he could understand. We soon found out that he was Atheist. He was actually my first real atheist that I have talked to in the misión. He started to fight with us about how God doesn’t exist, and i just thought to be myself, ¨Is this supposed to be an answer to our prayer?¨ We shared scriptures and tried to prove that God exists. But then I realized that the only thing you can do in that situation is share your testimony. So i shared my testimony about how I know God loves me and knows me and that really He exists. The whole conversation changed. He committed to pray and asked us when and where was the church. I don’t know if anything will come out it, but at least it was a miracle for me to share my testimony about the love of God.

I love searching for the miracles and being on the mission. I’m excited to see the miracles that will happen this week and for sure, I will share them with you next week. I hope you have a great week and don’t ever forget that I love you and more importantly, God loves you! El Reino de Dios o Nada!

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