Monday, August 16, 2010

Deja vu and Twilight Zone

So this has been a very interesting week. I feel like I´m in a dejavú and the twilight zone. It´s wierd that I´m in Argentina with one of my best friends. And it´s even wierder that she´s starting her misión just like I did about six months ago. All of the members are comparing us. ¨She´s talking more than you did when you came.¨ Or ¨She talks better Spanish that you did when you got here.¨ Yep, Hna. Mortensen is pretty much amazing and we are definitely seeing miracles here in La Calera. God works in mysterious ways. You just never know what´s going to happen so we have to just put our trust in Him and come what may and love it!

It was pretty hard because I was so sick all week but I couldn´t waste any time to get better. So i think I gulped down a whole bag or cough drops but now i´m feeling better. It´s just interesting to be training. It takes a lot of patience. I´m just trying to do my best and trying to be patience with myself. I have to remind myself that i´m not perfect and that i can´t do everything. But thankfully, we´re seeing a lot of miracles and we hope to see a baptism in August.

This week, I´ll be stuck in meetings all week because they have a training meeting for the leaders. And that usually means jsut for the district leaders, but this is the first time that they are going to invite trainers including sister missionaries. WOOHOO!! I´m invited and I get to learn all the secrets of being a great missionary. I get to spend four days with training with President and the Assistants. So i´m excited to learn a ton and then apply it to the area.

Everything is pretty much amazing and I´m loving the work. Thanks for your love and your prayers!

les amo,
Hna. Ellsworth

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