Monday, August 16, 2010

Commentary by las hnas.

Commentary by Hna. Mortensen y Hna. Ellsworth

So we´re still pretty much in shock that we´re companions in Argentina. It´s like a dream come true. We often feel like we´re sinning because we´re having so much fun working together. Who would´ve thought you can be companions in the misión with one of your best friends? But ya, we figured that because we know a lot of the same people, we could just write an email together. Instead of people having to read two different emails, they can save their time and hear our commentary about the same experience. We´re going to see how it works out. It should be fun!

Stalker Kids So Hna Ellsworth somehow knows these pack of kids and had a little fun with them and then they kept following us and wouldn´t go away. I think we also had three dogs. They stole our purses and gave us references in exchange for tictacs. Ya, that´s pretty much it. We were just knocking doors and doing contacts and then these group of kids asked us to come to their houses and teach them. And then they took us to all their neighbors houses too. I love recieving references, even from six-year-old kids!

Date with the Virgen Mary This was a friendly old guy who I don´t know and didn´t understand a lot because he was speaking spanish it was kind of hard. When we were trying to shake his hand but he kissed us on the cheeks instead. Yep, I forgot to teach her on how to avoid the man kiss (it´s against the misión rules to kiss the guys on the cheeks.) But we were doing contacts and met this 75-year-old man named Ignacio. He was very nice but believes a lot in worshipping the Virgen Mary and the Saints. So we explained to him about how we only worship God and we invited him to Church. He then tried to learn our names and couldn´t say it, so he called us Maria (like the Virgen Mary) and invited us to eat pizza with him in the park. We´re not quite sure if it´s a date or a lesson. Vamos a ver…

Money from a Drunk Guy Didn´t understand a lot. Seemed angery like he was trying to argue with us whether God loved him or not. Kinda kept following us when we were trying to go and tried to give us money for some reason. So we were doing contacts and this guy that smelled strongly of liquor stored to argue with us about God. We told him that God loves him and invited him to church and then tried to leave but he wanted to give us Money first. I´m still not sure why. Needless to say, we didn´t accept the Money. But it made for an interesting story.

Baptism Date with Mariela: Great girl kind of can have mini converstations with her here and there. In church she was trying to ask me if I liked fish and I didn´t know if she was talking about fish or if she was talking about sin. I enjoyed helping to teach her The Plan of Salvation. Mariela is pretty much amazing!!! She has such an excitement for hearing about the gospel and she went to church yesterday and loved it! She´s excited for her baptism that should happen next week. So try to keep Mariela in your prayers so that reaches her goal! She still has a seed that I gave her when comparing it with faith. And that she has to grow her faith with prayer, reading the scriptures, and going to church. Every time we go over, she talks about how she´s growing her seed of faith everyday! She is so amazing!

Miracle with Mariana I really didn´t pick up anything from this. It became hard to concentrate after a while. Mariana is a lady that hasn´t gone to church for about a year. We´ve been passing by for a while but I was starting to lose faith that she would ever go to church. But we passed by with Hna. Mortensen and she gave the spiritual thought and everything. And then she came to church!!! What a miracle!!! It just shows that Hna. Mortensen is amazing and teaches with the Spirit!

We are working hard and having fun! It just goes to show that the Lord works in mysterious ways. I love seeing all the miracles that happen every week with Hna. Mortensen. El Reino de Dios o Nada!

Les queremos,

Hna. Ellsworth y

Hna. Mortensen

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