Monday, August 9, 2010


I´m not really sure where to start to tell you about my week. So we´ll just start from the very beginning because that´s the very best place to start. So we´ll begin with Monday!

Monday – so we went to the misión house because hna. Widmer had a a going away lunch with Pres. and Hna Salas. She went thinking that she had another week and didn´t pack or bring any of her stuff. But when she got there, things changad and they told her that she would be leaving the next day. I wasn´t ready to say goodbye! I thought i had another week with her!! So that was kind of sad and stressful. But i´m sure there was a reason that she had to go home this week. But ya, it was way fun to go the misión house to say goodbye to all of the hermanas that were leaving, especially Hna. Nobles. She showed me all of the photos of the baptisms of the people we were teaching when i was in Villa Independencia. That pretty much made my day!!! And it was good to give her one last hug for a while. And then during the lunch, I was left without a companion so i had to chill with the elders and play soccer. It was pretty wierd. I am definitely grateful to always have a companion. But i got some one on one time with the asistents and get their opinions on the hermanas. Let´s just say I had an interesting afternoon. And then i rolled my ankle playing soccer with the elders and it still kind of hurts. I also had the opportunity to talk with Pres. Salas to see if I can work hard with Carinne. I´m definitely not worried about that. We both come from good familias and we know how to work. He says that i´m still pretty young in the misión but that he has faith and trust in me. Now i need the faith and trust in me too…

Tuesday – So Hna. Widmer left and I didn´t have a companion so i had to ask the members to help me out. I had three different companions during the day and I had to bargain for their time. (ex: i´ll teach you english, if you help me out with an appointment.) But it went very well. We taught one family about the importance of prayer, reading the scriptures, and going to church. She´s very excited for her baptism that should happen this month. We´re very excited. And then i went to the misión house to pick up my mini-missionary for a week. She´s from Cordoba capital. She got there a little late, so i had an tour to chill with Pres. Salas and the assistants. I felt a little uncomfortable. They were watching a new training movie that had just been given to all of the missions. It was the first time that were watching it and they were talking notes and preparing to use it to train all of the missionaries. The Spirit was so incredibly strong. I felt incredibly small in a room of spiritual giants. I was just in awe listening to the Pres. Salas and the assistants, and then they all turned to me and asked me what i though. I was so scared! But i just testified and shared my thoughts and i don´t think i said anything of false doctrine. But it was definitely an experience I won´t forget.

Wednesday and Thursday – i had my mini-missionary Hna Patricia from the capital. She was a little shy and timid at first but now she is not scared to talk to anybody. She was ready to talk to anybody in the street and give out Books of Mormon to everybody. We invited somebody to be baptized and we committed a lot of people to go to church and we invited everybody to come unto Christ. I only had 2 ½ days with Hna. Patricia but I already love her. I wanted to do a trio for the transfer. She helped me so much with my spanish and I learned so much from her. We had a ton of fun eating ice cream, brownies, cake, cookies, and everything that Hna. Widmer left behind from her goodbye party. And we saw a lot of miracles!

Friday – HNA. MORTENSEN ARRIVED!!! We went to the misión house (again!) and waited for the newbies to come. We had to wait a while so i had time to talk to the other trainer that is serving in my old area, Villa Independencia. So i got to the see some more pictures of the baptism and ask about everybody. It was nice to hear about all of my old investigators. And then Hna. Mortensen arrived with her companion and another elder. I was so stinkin nervous. We had to wait to know who our companion is after a little training meeting. And then they came in and announced that Hna. Mortensen is my companion. The first thing she said was, PARTY. It was pretty funny. But i figure we can work hard, be obedient, invite everyone to come unto Christ, and still have a party. I am way excited. Saturday - We spent the whole day passing by people and talking to everyone. I think we had talking to over a hundred people and i definitely lost my voice. I woke up Sunday with my voice completely gone. It is kind of stressful but really funny if you think about it.

But ya, Hna. Mortensen is AMAZING. She has no fear. She is ready to talk to anybody and everybody and share the gospel. She is such a great example to me and i am excited to see all of the miracles that are goign to happen this transfer together. But ya, this week was full of interesting twists and a ton of miracles. You just never know what is going to happen next. I still do not have a voice but i have faith that every thing will turn out fine. Life is great and i have never been so happy.

Love ya,
Hna. Ellsworth

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  1. Nori! You sound like you are doing amazing! Boy do I miss you! But am SOOO glad you are doing wonderfully on your mission! Lots of love! ~Jill