Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Ol' List of Questions

My bad! Sorry that my emails are short, mom. I guess i can never think of things to write about. But I aim to please. So I guess I´ll try to write a bit more by answering some of your questions. !Disfruten!

Do you have mamasitas who cook for you (like Emily did) or do you eat at members' homes everyday (or do you cook for yourself)?

I eat at member´s homes everyday. It´s pretty much a huge blessing! We actually have more offers of lunch then we have days. And we eat a ton!! I eat about 2-3 plates overflowing of pasta, pizza, rice, potatoes, meat, and different Argentina food. And that is why I have gained about 5 kilos aka 12 lbs in Villa Independencia. Crazy! My goal is still 10 kilos, and I think I might just surpass my goal.

Do you do your own laundry by hand? (I think I remember that you have a washing machine but not sure.) Do you line dry it?

Another huge blessing is that we have a washing machine. And in La Calera, we had a member wash our clothes. Can you say – spoiled rotten? And yes, we do line dry our clothes. I kind of miss the drying machine because it´s like an automatic ironing job. Oh well, i´m just happy that i don´t have to wash my laundry by hand.

What are the perks and disadvantages of your apartment?

Perks – it has the room we sleep in, the bathroom, a closet, and the kitchen/studying area. Again, i´m pretty spoiled!

Disadvantages – we kind of shower from a bucket that heats up water. It´s kind of wierd and i never have enough time to wash all my hair. (I should cut my hair but i´m too scared. My hair is still in the shape of a ¨V¨.) Also we have to keep the gas inside. Which is fine, but we have to remember to always shut it off because yesterday the carbon monoxide alarm went off and we had to evacuate. That was kind of interesting. But at least we know it works.

Who can we be praying for to help you bring about the changes you are hoping for?

Sergio and that he quits smoking. Maria and that she gets married. And Claudia and Jose and their family that they will continue being Amazing.

Do you have someone who plays the piano/organ/keyboard at church? Have you played? Do you have special musical numbers? Do you and your companion sing together during companion study? (The sisters do here sometimes, and it is angelic coming from downstairs when I least expect it during the day.)

We don´t have a piano/organ/keyboard in the church. So i have been blessed to never have placed. I guess there was this one time for a baptismo but I´m just trying to block that out of my memory. I guess I´m just not a fan of sight reading songs. Oh well. And there aren´t really special musical numbers here but my companion and I are going to sing one next Sunday. It´ll be the first special musical number I have ever seen in Argentina. The problema is that we´re not much of singers, and it might be a little interesting without piano… but we are practicing every morning, because we always sing for companion study. It should be interesting…

What about a character sketch of a few of your favorite ward members and why they are your favorite?

One of my favorite ward members would have to be the Familia Godoy. They actually lived in Mesa (near Broadway and Val Vista) for a long time and they have some kids that are still living there. Is that crazy or what? They went on a temple mision and the hermano has a blood clot in his leg. So keep him in our prayers. But ya, they are pretty much Amazing! The hermana is the Relief soceity president and she loves the misión work so she helps us a ton! And random note, they bought this Magic Jack thing which they can call anyone in the States for a lot cheaper. And they want to call our parents. So you might get a call from a lady with a really strong accent soon. Be excited!

What about critter stories? I haven’t heard you mention anything like that (since the ants).

I haven´t seen any critter for a while besides dogs. It´s pretty cold, so i think all the bugs are hiding out. I saw a rat once and that kind of freaked me out. Other than that, i don´t really have any good critter stories.

What is there to tell about cultural differences?

So this week the World Cup started. Now if you had told me this befote the misión, i would have been like, ¨What is the World cup?¨ I actually did that here and they all looked at me like I was crazy! The World cup is the biggest thing here. They do it every four years so I am kind of excited to be here when it happens because it is pretty crazy! I didn´t really think anything was going to happen until Saturday morning and we recieved a call that said we weren´t allowed to leave our apartment until 1. We had to wait until after the game had ended. I couldn´t believe it! Latinos are for real with their soccer. The United States played the same day as Argentina, (thankfully not against each other) and so my companion and I dressed up in all red, white, and blue. It´s little things like that that make me happy!

What kinds of instruction do you get a zone conferences/district meetings/ etc.?

So we just had a Zone Conference this week and it was pretty much Amazing! It was a little sad because it´s the last zone conference that we´ll have with Pres. and Hna. Olsen. They are finishing their three years of the misión and going home the beginning of July. So it was a little bittersweet, but I´m kind of excited to meet the new misión president. It´ll be cool that I can have two different misión presidents and get to know them both for plenty of time. But I am definitely going to miss Pte. and Hna. Olsen. I have learned so much from them. But ya, the highlight of the zone conference is that they all talked about out activity 25 de Mayo. The President loved it! So now they are teaching everyone in the misión to do the same thing 9 de Julio (Argentina independence day.) It was pretty cool! We felt good that we are following the Spirit and doing good things. And I´ll just end with a cool little thought that I´ve heard a few times in the misión…

Remember this:

Faith is the Power

Obedience is the Price

Love is the Motive

The Spirit is the Key

Christ is the Reason

The Restoration is the Message

The Members are the Means

Baptism is the Way

Joy is the Reward

Salvation is the Cause

How true is that? I love that thought because we need all of those things to invite others unto Christ. We need the faith, the obediente, the love, the Spirit, ALL of those things. I´m grateful to be in the misión. And i love you all! El Reino o Dios o NADA!

Les kiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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