Monday, June 21, 2010


So here´s a little shocker… I´m back in La Calera with Hna. Widmer. Same area, same companion, same branch, everything. I feel like i´m living in one giant flashback! This is possibly one of the wierdest transfers ever. I realize that i don´t have very many but this has never been done before. To return to the same area is wierd. Or to have the same companion is unheard of. And to do both of them after so short of time is just crazy! I don´t really understand it but I am definitely excited to come back. I left La Calera feeling like a newbie that didn´t know the language very well. But now I can return and ¨tear it up!¨ I´m so excited to apply all of the things that I´ve learned in Villa Independencia. And it´s great to be with Hna. Widmer again. This is her last transfer and she wants to end it strong. And it´s great because i already know the area and the members, so we can just take off running. It´s going to be great!

But I´m definitely going to miss Villa Indpendencia. Yesterday, I got to eat an asado. I can´t remember if i´ve ever mentioned an asado but they´re pretty much the most delicious barbeque that i´ve ever heard. They jsut barbequed a bunch of steaks and sausages. It was so delicious!! But i didn´t know and wasn´t prepared for the chorizo de sangre. You´re going to have to look up the translation for that one but just be prepared that it is disgusting. I´m never eating it again. But i absolutely loved the asado. It was a perfect way tos ay goodbye to Villa Independencia. I am sad that I had to leave. I´m going to miss the members and all of the people I met. But i guess this is the misión. You have to be ready for everything that happens. Come what may and love it! I love the Lord and the opportunity to help do His work. I´m so grateful for this opportunity to learn and to grow. Becuase I have learned a ton in the misión! I´ve learned about the gospel, our Savior, and a lot ut myself. And I know that we can always learn more. There is always a reason and a purpose. So i know there is a purpose of why I am here in La Calera with Hna. Widmer… again! I´m just excited to find out why. Wish me luck! And know that you´re all in my prayers!

Les amo,

Hna. Ellsworth

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