Monday, March 15, 2010

Yo nunca he sido tan feliz!

So let´s just start out by saying that, ¨i´ve never been so happy!¨ i´ve adopted this saying and use it in daily conversation. You might even call it one of my many Nori-isms. I´m not really sure why it took me so long but I finally translated it in Castellano so I can use it among members and investigators. Because this last week I had many different experiences that was of pure happiness.

1. So last Monday we had our Hermanas Conferencia. I absolutely loved it! I got to meet all of the hermanas in the Argentina Cordoba misión and i also got to see my MTC companion and my trainer. They´re actually companions now and it was fun to catch up with them. They brought me a whole bag of chocolate and donuts which brought me a lot of joy. We also had a little confernce with Hna. Olsen, the misión president´s wife. It was great! We got split into groups and did little activities on how to be better missionaries. It was a lot of fun. There was an English group with all the new gringa hermanas but for some reason Hna. Olsen put me in a Spanish group. I´m glad she knows that I can hold my own. ;) But ya, it was one of the greatest p-day ´s i´ve had during the misión full of fun and… happiness!

2.Yesterday we had Pi day! If you don´t know about this holiday, I ´m crying for you a little bit because of all the past years that you missed. Basically, you take the mathematical number pi – 3.14 and turn it into a date, which is March 14. Which means that every March 14, you can eat as much pie as you want. It´s possibly my favorite holiday of the year. I tried to explain this holiday to several people here but there are a few problems. The mathematical number pi is said like pea which just makes the little kids giggle. And the other thing is that the dates are switched here, so they write 14/3 not 3/14. But it´s all good. My companion and I both made a pie. Hers was a chocolate pudding pie and I made apple pie. It was happiness in pie form.

3.But the happiest moment I had this last week was on Sunday. We passed by a lot of houses before and everybody was waiting to go to Church with us. That never happens! Usually we have about two or three but yesterday we had fifteen people, three different familias, and a dog. (The dog was an accident, it slipped in with all the people and was in the Sacrament meeting room. That was a fun experience getting him out!) But ya, it was a miracle for me. We had Sacrament meeting and the song was ¨Now Let Us Rejoice.¨ I seriously was close to tears with the happiness I was feeling. It reminded me of something said in a blessing that I would experience joy beyond understanding. I felt like that was somewhat fulfilled yesterday.

But I´m just grateful for the happiness that the Gospel brings to my life and the lives of others. And I just want you all to know that I ´ve never been so happy! El Reino de Dios o Nada!

Les amo,
Hna. Ellsworth

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