Monday, March 22, 2010

Parable of the Pie

So there once were two sister hermanas who decided to celebrate pi day! One of the hermanas had never even heard of pi day but the other hermana looked forward to this day every year. So they prepared to make the pies by buying all of the ingredients the day before and they were prepared to make them that Saturday night so that they could eat them the next day - march 14. One hermana made the chocolate pudding pie and the other made the apple pie.

Both were prepared and put in the fridge. It was decided by the hermana (the one that knew about pie day) that made the apple pie that they should wait the next day to bake it. For two reasons, there was not enough time before curfew and she feared the ants would get it. (For she had the sad experience with the Trix. (tear, tear)) But the other hermana thought she knew better and baked it after the other hermana went to sleep. She then left the apple pie out all night. The next morning the unknowing hermana went to bake the pie to find that it had already been baked and completely covered in ants. It broke her heart. She was very upset and she didn´t say anything to her companion because she was afraid she would just stir contention.

So the other companion that made the error found the pie when her companion was in the shower and just took off all the ants and froze them in the freezer. And then she made a whip cream and put it on top so that nobody would know. And then she fed it to her companion. Neither said anything about the ants and they enjoyed the pie all the same.

Moral of the Story - Take what you will but I´m just going to stick with - Communication will get your far in life...

(Yep! true story! I was the hermana that made the apple pie and my companion was the one that baked it and covered her mistake with whip cream. I just had to put on a smile while I ate the ant covered apple pie. Good thing I was a boy scout...)

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  1. this is Eric Ellsworth at first I thought that the other companion froze the pi with the ants on it and put whip cream on top so the other companion wouldn't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!