Monday, September 27, 2010

Drugged and Dieted

Wow! This has been one week full of adventures! So we were exceedingly blessed Wednesday and a little bit tried. We were tried in that Spring started with a TON of rain! And we kind of forgot our umbrellas, so we got completely soaked!! But we were blessed in that we had four different people feed us in visits. We ate guiso, cake, eggs, dulce de leche, and about every different food group. But then sadly, that night Hna. Mortensen got allergies. And we don't know if it was for the change of climate or for the food. But she got hives all over her body. The next day we had Zone Conference and we talked to Hna. Salas who told us to go to the hospital in the capital of Cordoba. She pretty much told me my two biggest fears in the misión – hospitals and the capital. We had to first take a bus to a place that I never had heard of before (and that i could hardly pronounce). But we had lunch in the kitchen of the misión house with Pres. and Hna. Salas (i was a tad bit nervous of my lunch manners) and then we went off with a prayer. Our first challenge was that we couldn't just pay for the bus ride, we had to buy tokens. I didn't know what that was or where to get them, but we quickly figured it out. Then we had to figure out where to get off. And then we had to find this hospital that was about 10 blocks away from the stop. We might have gotten a little lost but we finally figured it out. And then we had to figure out how hospitals work. I think we got more lost in the hospital than in downtown Cordoba. But we finally got to the place where we had to be and they told us we had to pay. We didn't have any money, so we had to find a bank. And then we found a bank, it wouldn't accept my credit card because its from the United States. This is where I started losing my patience. We finally found a bank that accepted my card and we went back and waited forever to talk to a person. They then started saying all of these things and gave us about three different prescriptions and I have to admit that I didn't understand everything they were saying but we understood the big picture. So then we had to find the medications and Hna. Mortensen got a shot to stop the allergic reaction and she was all sleepy and not all there. So we had to go find our bus to get back to our area and pay the rest of the bill. Needless to say, it was possibly the most stressful experience of my life. But we got out of it all good. They told Hna. Mortensen that she had to follow a diet that consisted of pretty much nothing, just rice and chicken. But we talked to Hna. Salas and she gave us permission to eat normal but with caution. But ya, I'm hoping that I never have to do that again. And I'm glad that it wasn't anything too serious. But now we know that with prayer and the Lord's help, we can travel to Cordoba and figure out our way around a hospital. Anyways, that was our huge adventure for the week. I had a lot of other cool stuff to tell you but I ran out of time. Sorry, my bad! Hopefully, Hna. Mortensen wrote it in her email. Like the guy that was speaking the tongue of angels, or how we made banana bread for the members and they told us that they didn't like it so they gave it back, or how we had a splash in our area and my district leader yelled at me because I don't know how to give good directions in Spanish, or how we had the goal to have 60 in church and only had 59. Yep, this week has been stressful but a ton of fun as well. We're still working with the familia Olmedo and the familia Ramallo. Keep them in their prayers that they can go to General Conference this week. I'm so EXCITED!!! I love General Conference!! It's going to be amazing! I love you all! Pray hard!

Les kiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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