Monday, September 20, 2010

I hate being sick!

So I got sick this weekend and I´m still feeling kind of horrible. So if i don´t sound very cheerful, it´s because I´m always grumpy when I´m sick. Para que sepa…

But this week was pretty much Amazing! We have seen the miracles that happen when you apply what you have learned from our leaders. We found two Amazing familias – la familia Olmedo y la familia Ramallo. And they are preparing to be baptized 16 of october. (Hopefully an early birthday present to Stacy!) It was quite the miracles that we found both of them and that they were prepared to hear our message. But unfortunately Satan was working on them and they both couldn´t go to church because of sickness in the family. But we´re going to continue working hard with them and I hope, in the strength of the Lord, that they can arrive to their baptismo dates. But we had a lot of fun inviting everyone to come unto Christ and be baptized. The Elders in our zone had a competition with us for Grido/ice cream. I´m not sure who won, but it doesn´t really matter to me, just as long as we are helping people.

We have also been very blessed in the sense of asados. We got two this week. I think I´ve only had two in my entire misión andi t just got doubled in a week. It made me very happy. But even more happiness is that we had four investigators in the church with 2 menos activos familias that we have been working with. We hope to keep going up. We are almost at our goal to get a church house in La Calera. It would be really great if we got one for the right reasons.

Anyways, I´m out of time and things to write. Now i´m off to sleep off my pday and hopefully feel better so that we teach the Flia Olmedo and la familia Ramallo tonight. I love the work and I love my Heavenly Father. Keep missionary work in your prayers always and give a reference to the missionaries this week.

La kiero,

Hna. ellsworth

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