Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The other night I watched the new ABC Family Original Movie entitled "Princess."  I thought it had potential -  A modern fairy tale, ABC Family, and Sunshine from "Remember the Titans" all had it going for the movie.  However, I failed to notice the skunk in the background of the poster which foreshadows the overall presentation of the movie.  It stinks!  The movie is about a princess named Ithaca (i bet she had a hard childhood with a name like that) who can talk to animals and mythical creatures and heal them.  She is trying to find the chosen one she must pass down her crown to.  She only makes an appearance once a year to the outside world so that she can find the Searcher aka "Sunshine" who she thought would find her successor. However, Sunshine just thought she was pretty and played along in ignorance of who she really was and what she really wanted.  If that sounds confusing, it's because it is.  And it only gets worse from there.  You meet mermaids, fairies, giant squids, and bad actors from then on.  My personal favorite was the three headed dragon who was just misunderstood.  The most confusing part associated with the movie is that I liked it.  Even after all of the bad acting and insane plot line, I was left wanting more.  I found myself watching the movie again with my little sister and I'll probably watch it again when Kristi gets in town.  (shout out to Kris.  I can see you liking this movie just because of the mythical creatures.)  It makes no sense to me but I guess I just love cheesy.

Moral of the Story: Never judge a movie by its front cover but you can judge a movie by it's back cover.  Read the summary before buying the movie.  That would've been helpful years ago when choosing Fern Gully 2.

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  1. Nori!! Me and Rachel watched this movie when we went to the cabin together. My favorite part was that you didn't know what the heck was going on until the very end. I agree that it was really strange, but hey, at least they got together in the end. I too must confess a fault...I kinda liked it.