Thursday, June 4, 2009

Customer Service

So I started work this last week.  I am proud to announce that I am full-time sales associate at Payless Shoes.  During the last week, I have made a new realization.  People are slobs.  I don't understand how people can trash stores and not care.  I don't understand how people can let their kids run around like hellians.  I don't understand why people can treat sales associates like dirt.  So I have decided, when I become president, I am going to make a law that every person should work customer service sometime in their lives.  I like working at Payless and all but I have a new understanding for customer service...  It stinks. 

Moral of the Story - The customer is always right... when they're in the store.  Once they are out of that door, they lose all immunity.  News flash: the dart board with pictures of customers is real.  very, very real.


  1. Whoa...what's the moral of the story?!?!

  2. sorry yo! i can't believe i forgot. thanks for calling me on it. i'll do better next time...