Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So we got transfers this week and I have been transferred to Rosedal with Hna. Neff. I'm very excited and a little scared. Rosedal is in the capital of Cordoba and it has a ward and chapel and everything. I'm going big time now. I've only ever worked in branches where the church is in a house. So I'm excited for a new environment and to learn new things. Hna. Neff was the companion of Hna. Mortensen in the MTC so I have already heard a lot of great things about here.

I'm very excited but I{m not going to lie to you. These last couple of days has been pretty emocional for me. This morning I was listening to the CD that Allison made for me and the song Familias Forever came on. I used to play this song for my other companions that were leaving the misión because it's a perfect trunky song. But when i was listening to it today, and it pretty much brought me to tears. And here's why, the words are – And it{s hard to say goodbye and let go. And it's hard to see it end. When the memories we have made will never happen again. - Story of my life. I have had so much time here in La Calera that I feel like they are part of my family. I didn't want to say goodbye. I passed by almost everyone and took pictures and said goodbye. Some of the members/investigators made me an asado and a couple others promised that they would make me one when I come back. But i'm definitely going to miss La Calera and all of the people I have met. And I'm going to really miss Hna. Mortensen. The Aspen Companionship is breaking up but we are definitely going to keep in touch. She has no choice!

But this week was full of interesting experiences. The Assistants to the President came to pick up a mini-missionary that is in our Branch. And while they were there, they wanted to pass by and talk with our investigador. But Hna. Mortensen had got pretty sick that day so we were kinda of stuck in the pension. But they said it was okay for me to do intercambios with them. It was really weird! I{m just not used to being without a companion. But we went to the cita with me, the 2 assistants, the mini-missionary, his companion, and my investigador – Gustavo. So pretty much it was me and 5 chicos that have 20 years. It was weird but I learned a lot of great stuff. The Assistants are amazing missionaries! It was a great experience to learn from them. This last week we went to an English class because one of the members invited us to pass by for a couple of minutes. It was a ton of fun. We just talked a little bit of English like Hello and How are you? And then we gave all of the kids a penny of the U.S. They absolutely loved it! And we got a couple of references. I love it!

And i have a couple of other stories but I'm out of time. But I'm excited for everything that is going to happen this week. It's going to be very interesting so keep me in your prayers. Love you all!

Hna. Ellsworth

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