Monday, July 26, 2010

Lost Sheep

So we had a fun P-day today. We went to the misión home and had an asado for Hna. Widmer because it´s her last week. We also played soccer with the zone. And check this out, my team consisted of me, my zone leader, the assistent to the misión President, and the Mission President. I was a little nervous because I am HORRIBLE at playing soccer. But it was a ton of fun. And the asado was delicious! I love Argentinian BBQ´s!

Bueno, we continue to see a ton of miracles in La Calera! There was one morning this week that was really hard. We had about three different appointments and three different back-up plans and nobody was home or nobody had time to listen to us. It was a little disappointing for us but we figured that we needed to have animo and keep going! So we just started to knock doors and we found the most incredible people. We found a family of 10 people!!! It was like chaos when we entered. But then we sang ¨Families Can Be Together Forever¨and the Spirit came and there was an incredible peace. It was Amazing!!! And then we found another lady and sang a hymn and taught about the love of Jesus Christ and His Atonement and she started crying the entire time we were there. Our morning started with all of our appointments standing us up but ended with a ton of Miracles!!! I guess we had to miss those other appointments to find these people. Our Heavenly Father is always preparing us and those we are teaching. We just have to live worthy and follow the Spirit and we´ll find the miracles.

We have also been working a lot with the members to have more of a Church attendance. If we have 80 in the church every week, La Calera will have a chapel. So we´re passing by everyone to invite them to church. One in particular is one of my baptisms. He moved when I went to my other area and now he lives really far away and so he stopped going. But we are passing by every week and now he is attending church again! Yeah!! The misión has taught me a ton about the lost sheep. We have to go search out the people that have fallen away and bring them to church. It is so Important!!! Leave the 99 and search for that one sheep. That is what Christ did and we all need to follow His example. So go and search!! Visit somebody, call somebody, and just be a friend. That is usually all they need, and then they´ll return to church.

So it´s the last week of the misión for Hna. Widmer so we are going to be working a ful. We are going to finish her misión running! And I am so excited for Hna. Mortensen to come in a week. I have been telling everyone that one of my best friends is coming to the misión and everyone is telling me that I´m going to train her. I HOPE SO!!! So keep it in your prayers! It was be Amazing!!! But ya, until next week, take care and don´t forget that they are always MIRACLES!!!

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