Monday, July 19, 2010

Gold Flakes in a jar of dirt

Mom gave an object lesson once that has always stuck with me. She gave me a jar full of dirt and then told me that if I search hard enough, that i would find flakes of gold. She then likened the object lesson with the principle of obedience. Sometimes our Heavenly Father gives us trials or a jar of dirt. But he also promises us blessings or flakes of gold. We just have to search for it with patience, and we will soon find the rich blessings. It´s probably been about 10 years, so i´m not sure i remember completely correctly, but it definitely stuck with me and helped me this last week. This week felt like Heavenly Father gave me a big ol´ pile of dirt. But thankfully, I remembered that there are always blessings and miracles, I just have to search for them. So here are a couple of miracles that I found this week!

So we had our activity Friday. It was the coldest day of the year, so we didn´t have a very good turn out. We actually had more investigators than members. But we had a great time with the few people that came. We had planned to present a Ward Mission Plan but because there were more investigators, we changed the lesson in the last minute. But I think it went well and the Spirit was very strong We taught about Matthew 4:18-20, and how we can be ¨Fishers of Men.¨ So we had a bunch of different fishing stuff to follow the theme. It was a little bit cheesy, but a ton of fun. We had a fishing game for the little kids and we even made a cake in the shape of a fish! It was kind of weird but very delicious! It was a ton of fun! And the investigadores that went to the activity, also came to Church!

Saturday we went to a new neighborhood to find a few contacts that we´ve received We didn´t have Money, so we had to walk the whole way. We had to walk a ton in the freezing cold. It´s about 10 degrees here and I´m learning the importance of layering. For example, right now I am wearing three shorts, two jackets, a coat, two different pairs of socks, two pants hidden under my skirt, a cap, scarf, and gloves. Yep, that´s right! The frio can´t touch this! But I digress… So we walked and walked and walked (ANd yes, I was singing the Primary song) and we found a ton of amazing people. We had the most lessons in one day than in my entire misión. It was Amazing! You just have to search, and you´ll find the blessings!!

And Tuesday we had our interviews with Pres. and Hna. Salas. I absolutely love them!! They are so incredibly strong in the Spirit and are excited to do new things. He told me some things to help with the members in La Calera and reminded me the importance to always have excitement for the work! This is once in a Lifetime opportunity and we can´t waste a second of it! I´m excited to apply all of the things that I am learning from him and see the miracles unfold.

But ya, I am doing great here in La Calera. I am very grateful for the blessings and miracles that are here. Remember, there are always Miracles, blessings, tender mercies that are happening in our lives. It´s how our Heavenly Father shows us that he loves us. So if you don´t see them, that means you have to go search for the gold flakes in the jar of dirt. Because I promise you, the blessings are there waiting for you. You just have to find them. Well, I love you and miss you! Recuerde, siempre hay milagros!

Les kiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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