Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Roller Coaster of My Life

So another week has flown by here in La Calera. It´s kind of feels like a roller coaster here because of the constant change of events. So I´d like to share the high points and low points for me during the week.

High point – The food here is pretty much amazing! Best invention ever are facturas aka crescent rolls of deliciousness. They´re everywhere so I love getting a peso factura and chowing down. I´m also a huge fan of the criollos aka biscuits from heaven. You can get a whole bag for a peso and they´re amazing!! They also have the best ice cream ever here called Grido! I have no idea what flavor I am ordering but they´re always good, everytime!! My favorite meal choice are the empanadas. The only thing I can think to describe them is hot pockets but that would be an insult to the amazingness of an empanada! They have some type of meat and lemony goodness and other deliciousness stuffed in a bread pocket. Let´s just say I´m a fan.

Low point – I found some food from America!! I recognized that friendly rabbit on the cereal bowl of Trix. It was possibly the happiest moment of my life. So I brought it home looking forward to eating it with every meal. I had a bowlful the next morning and enjoyed it immensely. I then went to work and and didn´t get home until about ten hours later and the entire cereal box was ant-infested. I don´t know where they all came from but there were hundreds of ants eating my Trix!! I kind of lost all my charity and went on a ant-killing spree. Silly ants, trix are for me! It kind of broke my heart because an entire box of trix was wasted. :,(

High point – I gave an entire scripture thought in Castellano and said everything I wanted to say and they understood me!! Maybe not all of it, but I asked a question and they answered it without having to get a translation from my companion. (Yep, apparently I have a bad gringa accent. It´s really strong when I´m really nervous!) Yeah! I´m learning Castellano! It was a very happy moment for me!

Low point - This is going to make me sound like a bad person but I kind of dread Church. I love it and everything but it´s very stressful for me because I still have a hard time understanding everything and remembering who everybody is. It´s pretty much three hours where I am entirely lost. I can follow some of it but then they ask me a question in Sunday School and I am completely lost. But I was really excited because the Branch President asked me a question and I understood it and better yet I could answer it!! It´s a work in progress...

High point – We found someone yesterday who is pretty much amazing! She has wanted to join the Church for the longest time but she hadn´t been old enough and she kind of fell through the cracks. She´s now old enough and has been waiting for the missionaries to come by for about a year now. She´s awesome! Her parents aren´t very supportive so that might be a problem, but she has a sister who´s a member that lives in Cordoba. I´m really excited for her!

Well that´s my little roller coaster of my life. And the great thing about it is that a roller coaster is always fun no matter if you´re going up or down and so is the mission! I love it here!! The work is progressing and I´m learning more everyday! El Reino de Dios or Nada!

Les amo,
Hna. Ellsworth

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