Monday, May 2, 2011

Yo veo con mi ojo

So i´ve decided that I hate computers. I actually had that decided a long time before. It all started my freshman year of college when my laptop with all my notes from the semester broke down a week before finals. And now my dislike of computers has only increased because we were put in charge of making an invitation for our church open house this Saturday. I´ll attach the invitation just so you know that you´re all invited. It wasn't too hard to make it but it was kind of a pain printing it out because we didn´t have a color printer or nice paper. Bueno, we finally ended up printing them black and white and giving them out. Oh well, the branch president wanted them in color but I just told him my motto - ¨Tacky as heck but we sure get the job done.¨ It was a little tricky to translate that one in castellano but he understood the message. All I know is that i'm still not a fan of computers and they're not a fan of me.

We are teaching a lot of families which means we are teaching a lot of little kids. Unfortunately these kids have never grown up with a lot of discipline. So they fight, curse, and give me a headache. But then I was inspired by Shannon Whipple and Dawn Thomas from my nursery days. (Shout out to Shannon!! Thanks for the letter!) Anyways, I just started to play games with them whenever they started to fight. Por ejemplo, we were all going to church yesterday and they started to fight. Their mothers were struggling to control them. So we started to play Follow the Leader. It sounds really simple and kind of lame but it totally worked. Every kid got a turn to be the leader. We ended up running down the street holding hands and skipping and walking like models. We looked silly but it was fun. It was my turn last and we ended up at church walking like children and princesses of God. The real challenge was in sacrament meeting. I could see Hno. Chacon, 1st counselor in the bishopric meeting, laughing at me the whole time. But they all were very good. And then we ended up walking home playing ¨I Spy.¨ And it´s even catchy in Spanish. But I have decided that i´m never having kids. I just don´t have the patience for it.

And President Arnold, the seventy of the area, wanted me to tell you that he loves me. Ok, not just me but all the missionaries in the mission. And he says that we are the best missionaries in the world. I think he might've been exaggerating a bit but it made us sure feel good. He is proud of us because we´re baptizing like we've never baptized before. We are making records in the MAC (Mision Argentina Cordoba) and I´m excited to be a part of it. This month we have the goal to baptize 150 in Mayo. Apparently, that hasn't been done before. It is going to take a lot of work but i´m confident that we can make the goal with faith, diligence, and obedience. The motto for this week is ¨The pope called and this week is the holy week.¨ We are going to pay the price and sacrifice to see the miracles. As a mission, we are committed to be obedient and diligent like we've never done before. We've planned together, fasted together, prayed together, and now we are going to baptize together. We are going to be a Mission of Zion.

Just lovin´ life,

Hna. Ellsworth

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