Monday, November 15, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

So this week, I´ve decided that Heavenly Father has to have a sense of humor. Because everytime I ask him a question, he always sends me the answer in a way that I´m not expecting. I´m not quite sure how I feel about that but at least I know that he´s listening to my prayers, just like he listens to your prayers. But this week, I wanted to understand a little more about the scripture that says, ¨There must be an opposition in all things.¨ I should have thought that question out a little bit better before I asked it because I definitely got my personal testimony of opposition this week. So I now know that are trials but there are also the miracles that come with. So here we go, come what may and love it!


The Enfermidad

So since it is getting pretty hot, we have been pretty desperate for any water we can get. We ask for some sort of liquid at any house that will give it us. The basically means we have drunk some pretty interesting stuff. The most interesting we have been when my companion asked for water and they just handed us a mug from their table filled with a bright nasty yellow liquid. And of course she gives it to me first to try it. It was pretty funny. But it´s not funny because the water from the tap is pretty bad here. So Hna. Neff got pretty sick from the tap water this last weekend. So we lost a couple work days. I´ve kind of had bad luck with that with past companions. The assistant to the president accused me of poisoning my companions or they all just got sick of me. Hmmm… I wasn´t amused.


So our investigator that was supposed to get baptized next week decided that she wasn´t ready to be baptized. I know her testimony and she has the faith and the knowledge to be baptized, but she wants more time. That´s fine because we don´t want to pressure anyone to do something that they don´t want to do, but it was just a hard blow that we weren´t prepared for.

The Robbery
It is only good when I tell it with my companion, purple = narration, green=hna neff, blue=hna ellsworth... so here it is:

So it´s a beautiful spring morning, the birds are singing, the sun is shinning, and the sky is totally clear of clouds. It´s 10am and we are leaving the pension to go to our District Meeting, we walk two houses down and then it happens.....

This moto (motorcycle) comes roaring down the street, with two men, both wearing black helmits. They come right up to the curb in which they were walking, nearly running over Hna Neff.

I am thinking "What a jerk! Who drives like that!??¨"
and I was thinking ¨Hna. Neff... why are you walking in the street! Don´t you know you could get run over?!¨

Then the one on the back jumps off right in from of Hna. Neff. He has his hand beneath his shirt, holding something and he begins to jump back and forth yelling something.....

I take a step back, not sure what he wants, but then I hear him say "SALUDAR!!! SALUDAR!!!!" (saludar= to greet someone) I awkwardly wave and say ¨hola?¨
and I took a step away and wondered "Why is he yelling "CELLULAR!!!CELLULAR!" and why is my companion waving at him?"

Suddenly it clicks!!!!!!

.....OOOOOHHHHHH he is yelling "CELLULAR!!! CELLULAR!!!" He is trying to rob us!!!!!! He wants our cell phone! He has a stick looking thing under his shirt! He is trying to make me think he has a gun!

Hna. Neff finally leeps in action..... she yells:

"NO TENEMOS NADA!!!!!" ("We don´t have anything!"...... aren´t you impressed with my spanish?! In this time of crisis I spoke in tongues!!!! I must be improving!!!!)
I was impressed with her spanish too...

Suddenly the Robber looks at Hna Neff´s name tag and freezes, then points and says "HERMANA?!" then he looks and points at Hna Ellsworth´s name tag..."HERMANA???!!!!".....then there is a slight pause followed by "OH PERDÓNAME!!(Forgive Me)" He jumps on the moto again, yells "SON MISIONERAS!"(They are missionaries) at his get away driver and they speed off... he yells back at the confused Hermanas... "DIOS LES BENDIGA"(God bless you)

Do you think he may have been an old investigador???
Or a less active member......???

Then the two Hermanas, serving a mission in the wild suburbias of Argentina, walked to their District Meeting...laughing and laughing all the way.

And they both lived Happily Ever After.....


Hna. Neff

So my companion is just pretty much amazing. We just have a ton of fun together. Maybe a little too much fun sometimes. Did I mention that her aunt dumped Chuch Norris when they were in college. Pretty much the coolest things I´ve ever heard. Anyways, we´ve pretty much decided that we are going to baptize all of Rosedal with a roundhouse kick.

Ward Mission Work

So we have really been pushing the members to get them excited about the mission work. So we have been giving them pamphlets to give to their friends. And we have been verifying with them to make sure they have been doing it. And they are having some great experiences and we are getting a ton of references. Apparently there are three people that want to be baptized. We just have to help them to get to church and stay in church. But ya, we are seeing a ton of miracles because the members are willing to work too. We are going to start a competition with the Relief Society and the Priesthood to see who can give out more pamphlets and give us more references. We are way excited!


So went to church yesterday and brought an investigator and had time to chat with our bishop. We have been working a ton to gain his trust and work more with the members. Anyways, he pulled us into his office, or wait, it actually was the nursery room, but we talked about missionary work. And he promised us a new amazing mission leader, four ward missionaries, and all the support that he can give. And then he ended our little chat saying that he completely trusted us and that he can see and feel that we are good missionaries that are excited and are here to work. So we are definitely going to be seeing more miracles. Because in my experience, I know that if the missionaries have the help of the members that is when there is success.

I love the mission! It´s the best time of my life and I hope it never ends! Hna. Neff and I are seeing a ton of miracles and we are learning and growing through our trials. But really, they don´t really even seem like trials because the blessings outweigh the trials. Well, just remember that Heavenly Father loves you and Hna. Ellsworth does too! El Reino de Dios o Nada!

Les kiero,

Hna. Ellsworth

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