Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy AZ Statehood Day...yesterday!

So we just had cambios/transfers today! And I am still in La Calera! Hna. Brown left me and handed over the keys and the telephone. I´m kind of embarassed to tell you what happened next but here ya go… I was all alone waiting for my new comp and so I did some deep cleaning to make a good impresión for my new comp. Well, i went to take out the trash and tried to get back in. I got back in okay but it took me about five minutes to figure out what key it was supposed to be because the keys are trippy here. And then I had somebody call and I can´t understand a dime of spanish over the phone. So moral of the story – this is going to be a little harder than I anticipated. I now have a new companion, Hna. Widmer! She´s pretty much amazing but she doesn´t know anything about the area, the members, the investigators…so i´m going to have to step it up and not be so dependent. Yep, i´m way stoked for this next transfer…

So I have made a goal this past week to eat more healthy. I know that doesn´t sound anything like me but we had a sad realization this past week. We were calling for the last Grido (ice cream) that we would have as a companionship, so we got a kilo. Anyways, we called the number and they knew who we were by our accents and where we lived. They call us the ¨Gringas.¨ And to make it even worse, they know our favorite flavors. So yeah, it made me realize that I need to eat healthier food. Wish me luck!

But I´m way excited because we have a baptism this week!!! They have been waiting to get baptized for a while now but they had to get married first and marriages are kind of complicated here with money and paperwork. So they´re getting married Friday and then baptized Saturday. They´re very excited, more so for the baptism!! They are called Juan y Johana and they´re 22 and 20. They´re pretty much amazing people and I´m so excited for them!

Well, I hope all is going well and just know that I love you and miss you but I don´t miss you a ton because I know that I´m supposed to be here! I love being on a misión and helping the work of the Lord. I love that I can go to Church or a charla and not understand everything that is going on but still feel the Spirit so strong. That for me strengthens my testimony that the Church is true and that this work is the most important thing that I could be doing. I´m so grateful to be here in La Calera teaching the people the Gospel in my broken Spanish. And I´m grateful that the Spirit can carry the truthfulness of my words to their hearts. This work is real. I am reminded of something Elder Holland said, ¨I am not living a fairytale.¨ I am not dedicating eighteen months of my life to a gospel that is good and can bless your life. I am dedicating my life to THE Gospel of JESUS CHRIST that WILL bless your life. I KNOW that this Church is true and it is the ONLY true church of Jesús Christ. I am grateful for that truth and the knowledge. And I am grateful for your prayers.

Les amo,
Hna. Ellsworth

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