Monday, February 22, 2010

Cambios en mi vida

So with my first cambio in my mission comes a lot of new changes in the mission. So i would like to present a couple of new changes that have occured in the last week. I hope that they are changes for the better...

Cambio Companera – I have a new companion. She is from Oregon and apparently she milked cows to save money for the mission, which is pretty much amazing! She also likes to bake which is good for me becuase i like eating. So we get along very well in that aspect. She´s a lot more quieter than my first two companions which is a little different but it leads to my next cambio...

Cambio Castellano – I am learning Spanish!!! Woot! Woot! My last companion did not care for silent lulls but my companion now welcomes them. So I now have the opportunity to talk a lot more in Spanish. I figure that I talked more in the last week than in my entire first transfer. It´s crazy! All of the members are amazed at how much I´ve been speaking. Now when I say amazed, I don´t mean impressed because I still don´t speak Spanish very well but it is definitely improving! Ya! Feliz día!

Cambio Salud – One thing I have learned in the mission is about commitments. If you make a commitment, you need to follow-up on it. So in respect to the commitment about eating more healthy, I am not going to follow up on my progress. My companion is crazy healthy and wants to lose weight before she leaves so I kinda´ have to eat healthy. Está bien. I went a whole week without factura, criollo, ni ice cream. Instead I bought plenty of fruits and grain and dairy. Notice how vegetables are not on that list. It´s something that´s going to take a little longer, but i`m working on it.

Cambio Lluvia – We had an entire week of rain. It was crazy! Apparently we´re in the monsoon season so it´s really hot one second, and then pouring rain the next second. I have got soaking wet about every day but I love it! I love the rain except Sundays, of course.

Cambio Llorar – So kind of on the same subject as rain... if you know too much about me, you should know that I´m not much of a cryer. I may even be a little bit anti-crying. But this week, one of the investigators, johanna, backed out last minute for the baptism. She didn´t feel ready and one of the reasons was because Hna. Brown left. So i felt kind of responsible and took it pretty hard. I only cried when i got back to the pension but i think my companion thinks i´m over emotional. That´s cool, i guess. But her husband Juan still got baptized and that was amazing. And we´re going to continue to work with her. But it´s kind of amazing the love I gained for these people in just a short amount of time. My companion was kind of teasing me on the phone with the district leader because she didn´t understand why i would be so upset about just one person. But that´s why i´m grateful for the scripture in D&C about the ¨worth of souls is great in the sight of God.¨ It´s amazing to see the change that the Gospel makes in people´s life and that we can help them make that change. I know that this work is important and that we shouldn´t take it lightly. Anyways, I´ve gotten a little preachy again but I´m grateful for the many changes in my life and also the changes in the lives of the people we teach. Well, just know that I love you and pray for you!

Les amo,
Hna. Ellsworth

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