Friday, September 4, 2009

Peace, Love, and Curse Words

So I got into my first car accident last week... possibly one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, which should make for a good blog. So here we go. Over a week ago, I was asked to babysit for a delightful family for the entire day. All I had to do was babysit a little girl named Sadie who is in my nursery and her older brother Drew who would be gone half the day for Kindergarten. I'm thinking piece of cake. ya, not so much. Sadie was missing her parents and crying most of the morning. So after I tried everything else, I promised to take her to my farm so she could see the animals. She was content with that. So we headed over to my house. So I have always had this fear of driving other people's cars. I've never been in an accident before or anything, I just don't feel comfortable driving other people's vehicles. But I had no other choice and I buckled Sadie in and we headed out. I was being very cautious and using every turn signal and staying under the speed limit. I was doing everything right and yet the world still hates me. I was turning into my little dirt road and some red truck behind me tries to pass me on a residential street and runs into my car. And when I say my car, I actually mean their car. It was only a scratch and no one was hurt which was a tender mercy. I figured I would just exchange information real quick and it wouldn't be a huge deal. So I get out of the car to find a fifty-year-old biker hippie. Long scraggly beard, tiedye shirt, leather vest, chains, the whole shebang. He was very nice and asked if we were alright. He even called me darling. But then I suggested exchanging insurance information and he starts crying. He explained how he couldn't afford his insurance going up any more. I tried to be sympathetic but reminded him that we needed to exchange info. He then started yelling curse words to the sky. Seriously, yelling. I had neighbors looking out their windows wondering what this guy was doing. I nicely asked him to calm down and brought attention to a scared two-year-old in the back seat. He apologized and called me darling again but then again went back to shouting curse words. So I called my mom outside and took Sadie quickly inside before she learned an entirely new vocabulary. We then had to call the police and everything was quickly resolved. I spent the rest of the day babysitting two kids and trying to get Sadie to stop saying "darn it." (edited)

Moral of the Story - I'm never babysitting again.


  1. So by "neighbors", are you referring to Emily or Mom? And I love you.

  2. Hee hee hee. I can testify to the swearing! I'm going to have to teach Elizabeth to stop saying "gosh darn it" (edited) now too.

  3. You are soooo funny! I am going to miss you while you are gone on your mission but I know you will do awesome!