Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday Schedule to Stimulate a Soporific Set

Do you remember in Sesame Street when they used to dedicate each episode to a certain letter? Well. . . yesterday I went back to my childhood years and took a leaf out of Big Bird's book. Yesterday was sponsored by the letter S.

Saturday Schemes
Sleepover with Stacy
Service at Salk Elementary School
Sun Bathing
Sun Burning
Strawberry Limeades at Sonic
Shopping at Superstition Springs for Senior pictures shirts (beat that!)
Service at Schaubs
Psych - Shawn in Santa Barbara
Sterling date
Snack - Chocolate cake at Wal-mart. (ok, kind of a stretch. but i was really craving choco cake!)
Watch SNL on Sesame Street
Psych again - (ok, so it starts with a 'p' but it has a 's' sound. so sue me!)

Moral of the Story - Ironically enough Stacy was never allowed to watch Sesame Street as a child. Apparently talking puppets are a poor substitute for teachers no matter how knowledgeable they are about the alphabet.

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