Monday, March 21, 2011

oh snap!

This week has been fun and exciting like always. I´m excited to be with Hna. Pond in Barrio Rosedal. We have a good district and a great zone and we´re excited to see all the miracles that are happening in the Mission Argentina Cordoba. Go MAC!!

Entrevista con Ana Luz – So we had the bautismal interview for Ana Luz yesterday. I can´t remember if I have talked too much about her. She is a nine-year-old girl that we have worked with for a long time. She is the little sister of Diego that wants to get baptized but her mom wouldn´t let her. But we have been working with her, praying, fasting, and the miracle happened that she´s getting baptized this next week. We´re pretty excited about it! So our district leader came for the interview (Elder Flaherty that lives about 5 minutes from our house. Trippy, eh?) And while he was doing the interview, we were outside eating pomegranite and spitting out the seeds. It was way fun! And we were speaking about three different languages. We were speaking (Diego and his brother), English (Hna. Pond and E. Rust – a new gringo), and ASL!!! Yep that´s right! Shout out to Kris!!! Woot! Woot! The girlfriend of the brother of Diego is definitely deaf. So I just tried to talk to her in Spanish ASL. Diego taught me a couple of words and then I just made up the rest. It was awesome! We talked about her day and her shoes and i´m not sure about the other thing, but we had a good laugh. We also taught her about the gospel and baptism. It was way cool! Pretty much, it was the best Sunday that we had in the mission. I loved it!

Tower of Cups - We had an activity for the Relief Society this week and we went early to help them set up. Anyways, funny story happened. We were putting out the glass cups because they ate dinner. Well my comp started to stack a tower of glass cups. It was pretty fun until it all fell. It looked like something that would happen in a movie. Anyways, it was just us in the room so we tried to clean it up before the other hermanas saw. It was way funny and we cleaned it up beautifully. We told the hermanas afterwards and it was all chill. But they wouldn´t let us carry anything else that was breakable. Y bueno… The activity was way fun, they ate dinner and had a movie and stuff. It was cool!

Intercambio – We also did an intercambio with the hermanas this week. I went to Alto Alberdi to work with Hna. Martinez and she got sick. It was the lamest intercambio that I have ever done. I tried to track down two minis but it didn´t work out. I got left without a phone, keys, lunch, nothing. But it was all good because Hna. Pond continued working with Hna. Lopez in Rosedal and they put two fechas bautismales and had a ton of success. I´ve decided that I´m a huge fan of intercambios when we can work because you really can work and learn from other missionaries. I´m kind of jealous of the elders in that way because they can work with a lot of different people.

Nuevo Lider Misional – We saw a lot of changes in the ward this last week and we have a new mission leader. We´re excited for him because it´s always good to see change. I don´t know him yet because he just moved into the ward but his brother-in-law is the one that makes the harry potter wands. And his wife went to the mission at Temple Square so we can chat in English. I´m stoked for that! And we´re excited that he can start out with the baptism and we´re preparing for more! We´re just loving the miracles that we are seeing in Barrio Rosedal.

Well, our companionship has become the activity´s committee of the zone so we have a ton of elders waiting on us so they can go play soccer and monopoly. It should be fun! I´m really excited for this week because we are going to start working more with the members. They are a ton more members to get to know in the new neighborhood. So we are going to have lunch over there and get to know them better. I´m really excited for the work that we are doing and the miracles that we are seeing! I love you all!

les kiero,
Hna. ellsworth

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