Friday, December 11, 2009

In the MTC, "weeks are like days and days are like weeks..."

So another week is gone and done and I'm excited to report that I am now teaching lessons completely in Spanish. CRAZY!! Especially because I can't speak Spanish. We have our 'big tests' every Friday night aka tonight, so I'll have to teach the Restoration for the first time in Spanish to someone who actually knows Spanish. I've been practicing all week but it's really hard. Yesterday I was trying to bear my testimony about how Jesus Christ suffered for my sins but accidentally said, "Yo sé que Jesucristo surfrió por mis pescados.¨ I´ll let you figure that one out... I'm pretty much really nervous but I'm just trying to remember to do my best and put my trust in the Lord and he can do the rest.

Well, the devotionals were superb this week. Sunday was fast Sunday so we had mission conference which was amazing! All of the MTC Presidency and their wives spoke. It´s hard to pick a favorite but I´m going to have to go with Bro. Brown because he compared our missions with growing a garden. You know how much I love our garden back home. (Just a tad bit of sarcasm in that last sentence.) He mentioned five things a missionary, and farmer, must do to become a successful missionary. First, we must 'prune' our lives by removing all impurities that would prevent the light of Christ from coming into our lives. Second, we must 'thin' ourselves from the outside world and forget ourselves. Third, we must 'irrigate' our deep roots by personal and companionship study. Fourth, we must 'weed' in our missions which he compared to diligence and work. Be diligent, steady, energetic. I still remember our early morning field trips to weed the garden, so I appreciated this analogy the best. Lastly, we must 'spray' the garden which he compared to faithful daily prayer, fasting, and keeping the commandments. I'm a big fan of the analogies so I really appreciated this talk and it taught me a little more about being a successful missionary.

Tuesday night devotional was one of my favorite devotionals I've heard thus far. It was Elder Costa on the importance of planning and teaching by the Spirit. He was very funny and still taught important principles. I think my favorite part was just about putting yourselves in the hands of the Lord. It made me think of Sis. Ellsworth's (aka Kris) email this week in her Tender Mercy. I just have to remember to put all my trust in the Lord and then I can be an instrument in his hands.

Anyways, Christmas is coming!! I'm excited to spend it in the MTC! I'll be excited to know what we will do for it, but whatever it is, I know it will be great! I'm glad to hear all is well! Thanks for the Christmas tree! It pretty much made my week! Okay, well, there are way too many exclamation marks in this paragraph, so... k... bye!

Hna. Ellsworth

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