Friday, November 20, 2009

The Kingdom of God or Nothing!

I have had another amazing week but I think my favorite days at the MTC are Sundays. I absolutely love the schedules and being constantly busy with meetings. Last Sunday was amazing in that I got to hear from Sis. Oaks (yes, the wife of Elder Oaks) and Sis. Sheri Dew. It was (can i say it again?) amazing!

Sis. Oaks came and talked to us in Relief Society. I never knew about Sis. Oak's story in that she was single all of her life and then married an apostle at age 55! She was such a sweet lady. The title of her talk was "The Kingdom of God or Nothing!" and she mostly talked on the five points of a testimony and then gave us a testimony glove, an idea from the Primary "Friend." I'm excited to use it in one of my lessons.

So tender mercy of the week. Sis. Dickey and I loved Sis. Oak's talk and loved getting to know her story about being single so long and we started talking about it and then Sis. Dew's name came up. We both went on about how we loved Sis. Dew and how amazing she is, not knowing that she was giving that night's devotional. And then that night we had a devotional with Sis. Sheri Dew. I love when we recieve blessings like that. Anyway, her talk was one of the most amazing talks I've ever heard. It was on how to become a greater follower of righteousness and seeker of greater knowledge. She gave us three ways to do that. 1. Learn who you are and that you are a child of God. 2. Come to understand the Savior's Atonement and what it can do for you. 3. Learn to hear the voice of the Lord and recieve revelation from Him. It was truly an (just one more time) AMAZING talk! I love being here at the MTC and hearing talks like that.

Well, the Spanish is still coming, slowly but surely. I did my first door contact in Spanish. It was pretty shaky but I can definitely see the improvement from just two weeks. I have a test tonight where I need to get to know an investigator (they're pretend investigators aka volunteers usually from BYU) and talk to them in Spanish for about fifteen minutes. I'm really nervous about it but I know I can do it if I put my trust in the Lord. We then get to teach the first lesson in English. I just love the MTC and everything we're learning!

Love ya, Hna. Ellsworth

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